How the Government is Destroying America

Think we live in a free country? Not so fast. You may be breaking the law for thinking. Watch this great report by John Stossel about how the government is making virtually everything illegal.

What’s this all about? Have the police just gone crazy? Well, some of them, perhaps. But, primarily, it’s about three other things. 1) Corporate lobbying. 2) Power-hungry politicians and prosecutors. 3) Agenda 21.

Never heard of Agenda 21? Or have you heard of it, but think it’s a figment of conspiracy theorists’ imagination? Sadly, not. Agenda 21 is nothing less than the complete takeover of all of our natural resources, our ability to travel, to grow food, to live where we wish, to use our property as we choose, to use energy…to live, period.

More on Agenda 21 in subsequent blog posts. Be sure to watch the Stossel video. And three cheers for the honest police officer at minute 27:10 in the video.

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Current Radiation Fallout Situation in North America

See here for a detailed report on radiation fallout in North America. I suggest you read this link.

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Some Potentially Good News

Some not good news about food and radiation contamination is reported on Dr. Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.’s blog, but there is some encouraging information at the end of the article, explained below. In this article, he outlines what he believes are the most and least contaminated geographic areas, as well as the most contaminated types of food. Continue reading

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Fukushima Radiation Reading List

Here’s a list of sites with information about Fukushima and its radiation effects on the U.S. that I’ve been reading.

Climate Change Unexplained Blog

Weather Online – shows radiation flows through the northern hemisphere based on data from various scientific models

Department of Nuclear Energy – Berkeley University (Forum)

I’ll be updating this list as I discover additional useful information.

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Safe Food List (Fukushima)

I am not endorsing this safe foods list as absolutely correct, but from my own research, it appears quite accurate.

Fukushima continues to spew radioactive isotopes that travel on the jet stream and fall on the U.S., particularly when it rains. Foods are becoming contaminated to varying degrees, with leafy vegetables (lettuces, chard, etc.) and dairy products having some of the highest concentrations. Everyone is at risk from this, but children are most at risk of damage from radiation.  Continue reading

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Gulf Seafood Safe?

I’ve been avoiding Gulf seafood since the BP oil disaster. Not being one to trust the government, I assumed we were being lied to by both our government and BP. Here’s a whole lot of evidence that my concerns may be justified.

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FREE! Film Showing Thursday, November 4th

Thursday, November 4th, at 6:30 PM, will present a portion of the excellent film, “Plunder”, followed by commentaries about Foreclosure-Gate. The film, Plunder, focuses on the 2008 crash and subsequent bank bailouts. We’re discussing Foreclosure-Gate in the same evening because many experts believe this could cost the banks hundreds of billions in losses, and necessitate even larger bailouts of the banking system. Do we want to bail out the billionaires again? Come and discuss it. Continue reading

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